We used to…

Those were the days which we used to write just a few words to each other,

Because,we’d really known our hearts..

Most of time,we didn’t use to ask why?

We used to think that each word is waste of time!

So,we talked to each other with our eyes.


Those were the days which we used to cry silently not to show our tears!

Therefore,we hid them with bitter smiles..

We used to keep our secrets like treasure,

Because,we were rich of our loyalty.


Those were the days which we used to walk side by side!

So,we hesitated not to step on our shadows..

We used to believe closeness of distance,

And we lived together heart to heart!

Even if we were far away from each other..


Today,we are in vain frames on which we deplete our humble souls day by day,and we lose our tolerance to the others.Because we are busy with puffing our ego,and we insist on closing our eyes & ears!

©2018 lhpinhan


No Matter

Here is the world!

It’s a sharp knife cutting our all cords..

When we are born,our navel cords are cut,

We open our eyes to the life with cries!


Here is the world!

It’s a long journey holding us on the roads..

When we set off after birth,

It gives some supplies to the us,one day..

In another day,it takes all of them from us!


It’s such a world that you can lose what you have in just one second,and you may wake up to the morning without your beloved ones..

So,no matter my fellow!

If you have special people in your life,

It’s enough to be glad!

Even if they aren’t here with you at the moment,breathing under the same sky is a great luck! Because,believe me! Distance is no matter for pure hearts!

As mentioned in *Metallica —— Nothing Else Matters* So close no matter how far,couldn’t be much more from the heart*

© 2018 lhpinhan