We live the time in endless tunnel..Time is shown by tick-tocks..We are captive in a huge clock in which every second turns into minutes..The minutes are running to an hour.The hours are so proud of being a day.This is like a machine which works like gears of a wheel.

Maybe,we are out of time in real and we are explorers of imaginary time.Because,when we get out of the world to the space,the time flies to eternity in space blank.In fact,we are walking in a line which starts from the past upto future.Our past and moments are drawing the next.We are in a relative way.As long as we walk in the way,the stones of the chosen road come under our feet.The relative line becomes visible.Each step is a new start and direction.

How can we decide to choose right direction in this relative and imaginary world and time?

Sometimes,we feel the choise by the help of our past and memories.Most of time,inspires show the way.

However,we are in purgatory of past and future.Maybe,the world of moments are the real world!


©2018 lhpinhan


Primes of time

Prime..What an initial time!

It’s the starter of life,passing fast..

Like our youth time.
It’s the prime of music,

Like ‘do note’ leading the rhytm..

Prime..What a moving time!
It’s the getting to the world with birth,

Like a new born baby, screaming out..

Prime..What a fresh of time!
It’s the defence of troops,

Like a brave soldier,standing for guard..

Prime..What a challenging time!
It’s the indicator of real,

Like a teacher,dictating the words “to be told”

Prime..What a realistic time!

     **Live with the feet of time,like dancing with harmonical steps.