“Be Thou my Wisdom,and Thou my true Word,

I ever with Thee and Thou with me,Lord..”

*attr.to Dallan Forgail

an Irish poem


Wisdom is our souls’ hymn,

Coming from infinite light..

Wisdom is our steps’ leader,

Walking up to endless delight.

Wisdom is hand of our *Lord,

Making us to see the right!


Eternal glory is living in our inside

If we discover this hidden treasure,

It becomes our sight!

*Thanks a lot dear Camille Nelson & Alex Sharpe ! This inspiring video Be Thou my vision is so healing for our tired souls..

©2018 lhpinhan


No Matter

Here is the world!

It’s a sharp knife cutting our all cords..

When we are born,our navel cords are cut,

We open our eyes to the life with cries!


Here is the world!

It’s a long journey holding us on the roads..

When we set off after birth,

It gives some supplies to the us,one day..

In another day,it takes all of them from us!


It’s such a world that you can lose what you have in just one second,and you may wake up to the morning without your beloved ones..

So,no matter my fellow!

If you have special people in your life,

It’s enough to be glad!

Even if they aren’t here with you at the moment,breathing under the same sky is a great luck! Because,believe me! Distance is no matter for pure hearts!

As mentioned in *Metallica —— Nothing Else Matters* So close no matter how far,couldn’t be much more from the heart*

© 2018 lhpinhan

Self Sacrifice

Nowadays,we mostly use word of ‘self’ ,and ‘selfie’ is getting more popular day by day..The people are captive in small screens .They are pretending as if they were happy with their pocket toys! Huge smiles on faces in crowded buddy groups.Of course,sharing selfies on media is like a duty of this happy community!

In fact,’self ‘ has two faces as the coin has two sides.When,you concentrate on yourself,you can analyze your world surrounded with your passions and weaknesses.On the other hand,being busy with ‘self’ might make you a little ‘ selfish’ and ‘egoistic’..I believe that there is a very thin line between ‘self-esteem’ and ‘selfishness’.It is possible to miss thread,so balance is so important.Beyond all ‘selfs’, self-sacrifice comes first for human and life.Devotion without any expectation is not easy in these days.Because, some bad intented people may use your good side.Despite everything,I believe the existence of good people with their giant hearts.If you remember the story of ‘the last leaf’, you can know what real self sacrifice means..In this story,Mr Behrman finally painted his masterpiece which saved Johnsy’s life.Because she waited for falling of the last leaf.She had believed that when the last leaf falls from the ivy appearing through the window near her sickbed, she must go too,She was ready for her mysterious journey.

“The lonemost thing in all the world is a soul when it is making ready to go on its mysterious,for journey.”

The Last Leaf/ O.HENRY


Mr Behrman died of pneumonia and he was found next to a leaf image.His body was wet after a cold,rainy and stormy night.There was also a ladder, a lamp and palette containing colours similar that leaf image.When Johnsy waked up after the stormy night,she saw the remaining leaf on ivy.Then,she decided to believe there must be a purpose to live as the last leaf had refused to die .

In this story,Mr.Behrman’s self sacrifice may be a little exaggerated,but it has a message for us.Sometimes,a little goodness might cause to a big favour..

© 2018 lhpinhan


The sky is inside of me

My body is my earth,

My eyes open to my world..

My ears hear my chilly winds!

The heaven is hidden in me

My heart is my hope..

My belief opens the gates

My soul listens to endless!

The hell is my mouth

My toungue is my killer

My words eat my secrets!

Yeah my fellow!

I find myself in dilemmas & I feed my blues with my dreams..

* I feel like I am! *

©2018 lhpinhan

The Power of Love

“She had a habit for saying little silent prayer about the simplest every  thing, and now  she   whispered:

-Please God! Make him think, I’m still pretty.”

the gift of Magi, by O.Henry

How can two people dedicate to each other?

Can we believe the power of love?


Of course, I won’t talk about an imaginary situation. Only I tend to criticize the reality and dream.As you know, in story of *the gift of the Magi ,one couple is determined to give up their valuable possessions for Christmas gift.Moreover,two lovers have big belief and love to overcome the poverty, but they can not afford to buy the gifts dreamed by them. The dedicated and wise wife,Della sells her beautiful long hair to buy a chain for the watch which is handed down to her husband,Jim by his grandfather. On the otherhand, Jim buys a set of combs for his lovely wife Della, and he sells his valuable watch to buy the gift desired by Della for a long time .However, two lovers don’t hesitate to give up their possessions for each other.


Today, we may not see a love like that mentioned in this story, also we can chat on the right and wrong sides of this kind of love.As you know, the new world is so far from *unconditional love. In spite of everything,sacrification and dedication in a love are so powerful feelings and special . Today,in material world, we consume love and love statements so fast. Also,love goes down easily because of preferences of humans. What are these priorities? They are money ,luxury life and selfishness. Anymore, we give up precious feelings, and we desire to have all things of world. We are in a race which is fed by dream of being rich. Furthermore, most of us are in a rush in daily life, some of us are blind to the other well-being of humanity. We forget to listen our hearts,souls during life rush. Even, our families stay behind us. Sometimes, we need to see the world by a mom-heart and a wise-dad. Remembering the childhood may heal our severe and cruel spirits, also reminds us our good deeds and wills.
Giving love and doing a help without any expectation may be an effective medicine for our wounded souls. Unfortunately,dedication is called as being a fool. Nowadays, love is worthless by the reality of world.Anyway we need to feed our souls and be useful for humanity.
Full pockets are driving the brains

Souls are in helpless pains..

Oh humans! Don’t close your ears

To the screams of spirits…


“You can’t have a physical transformation until you have a spiritual transformation.”

Cory Booker

The Small Things

Try to look at the ground face sometimes..

I know ..If you are like me and adore to sky,it’s a bit hard.I can understand you how you lose yourself while feeling the wind,watching the sky and getting envy of birds. Because, I am like you,too. Blue is not only a colour but also freedom . It means to breath for me! Anyway, we sould try to see the tiny hidden things living on the ground.


Whenever I see an ant passing by me, I sense of its rush and fear. Then,I catch another world beyond me. The world is that we pass by unconsciously during the day. While waiting for a bus or sitting on edge of a sidewalk ,we can notice miracle ,tiny and silent creatures. Maybe, I like the small yellow flowers blooming next to the pavements because of this reason. They salute the spring cheerfully but in a silent way. They don’t rush for anything ,because they are extremely sure about sun and its loyal rays. The rays are always generous for the things waiting patiently ..


Don’t forget!You don’t need to have a huge body and power to get some light. If you succeed in keeping your hope and belief inside of you, wispy gleam can reach you! As long as you see and realize what you have today ,it means that you are ready for unexpected beauties!

© 2018 lhpinhan

The half-story

She was faded and trouble in breathing easy..She was dragging her soul like fetters chained to her ankles..She couldn’t feel heaviness of her suitcase even.Because her soul so cold like huge rocks! She felt anxiety about new city and people on there.In fact, there wasn’t any power inside of her. She wasn’t ready. Nobody knew..She was coming after a long mourning!


She remembered the last two years and watched all memories like a fastened movie teaser.Lightnings were flashing to her eyes..She asked to herself:

– What happened to me? I hadn’t dreamt like that!

The questions chased for each other..She thought that her last killing grief was death of her father.This time,it was weird,different and deep! Because the purpose of her life was taken away..She had promised to herself years ago. She would be warrior for orphans in war countries.

She had wished to live up to end of her life on there and to be teacher ,not only a teacher but also a warrior with her guns; paper,pencil,human love,tolerance and peace! She had worked hard and lived peaceful ,lovely, unforgettable moments with her pupils.. That country was her home anymore ..She had set out for global peace and educate the innocent war childreen two years ago.She had believed that the real peace would come by only ultimate education and freedom ! Because real glories would be won by illuminated nations ..Understanding would be instead of hatred!


However,coming back to her hometown was a big frustration for her. She lost the aim of her life,and stayed out of breath! She had a summer like a lament and she was about to start a new journey far away from her dreams,but she felt that she would complete this half-story one day in future!

©2018 lhpinhan