Today , the human’s suffer starts with getting apart from wild nature. He finds himself like a jailed in an artificial life. Maybe, old days were really gold days.

Throughout history,humankind struggled to survive, and his instincts are programmed to stay alive. Of course , the life was harder but simple to live centuries ago. Today everything has changed and human nature highly got effects !
Initially, the humankind came to the Earth naked , then he chased on nature with his instincts. He observed the nature , animals, plants and the weather. He felt his hungry stomach, then tasted the animals , plants. After that, wild nature showed its cruel face to him. He got cold and hot.. The wild animals made him to built a shelter . He hid behind the fire which meant power to him at nights .. By the way, time has changed, and the humankind has changed with it. The humanity built their own civilizations , and today we are in amazing and incredible life conditions. In modern world, we are in easy and more comfortable life, but maybe we are not aware of being lost in it. We live unconsciously , and the ropes of our life aren’t on our hands anymore.
Moreover, comfortable life conditions are killing us slowly. We lose our power of struggle due this comfort. As we move away from nature, we move away from the sound of our soul. Especially, what happened to woman? Are the women really satisfied with their lives ? Are the new world design actually feeding our, the women’s inner world ? I think they are not ! Because, the women lost their real and pure instincts with capitalist world design. Furthermore, they are loosing blood away from their wild natural. Let me show you some points, then tell me if you are agree or not.

– The women have been suppressed and disturbed in terms of socially, culturally and economically throughout history.
– The women have lost their wild instincts which are infinite power and creavity.
– The women have been departed from their wild nature due to some obligations organised by society, especially by the men. For example, the statements like “ A woman has to be decent!” “ A woman has to live in a preserved circle !” “ A woman has to make the others satisfied and happy!”
– The women have been restricted by society and traditions.
– The women have felt weakness and insufficiency due to expectations imposed to them.However, they have had their self – power since they were born. This power has already gifted to them by Creator.

Well .. How can the women turn to their natures ? When we look at ‘ The Woman Who Run with the Wolves by Clarrissa Rinkola Este’s ’ , we can see some attractive solutions.. According to Este’s ,
– Within every woman there is a wild creature.
– They have ageless knowing, good instincts with awesome creativity.
– They should reconnect with their healthy instinctual properties of the wild woman , but unfortunately they are endangered species!
– They are for working on their identity and self – worth, self- confidence, and healing their wounds inherited from their ancestors. She argues that the unrestrained power and creativity lying within women lies in the natural wilderness of wolves.

Let’s look at statements of Este’s ;

1 “ To be ourselves causes us to be exiled by many other and get to comply with what other want causes us to be exiled from ourselves.

It’s really stunning! Today’s woman are quite busy with others’ thoughts and expectations. Recent increase in aesthetic operations show this very well.. Most of us are running to reach ideal body forms. All our efforts to be beautiful rather than healthy. Especially, we can’t stop using face- filters on our social medias, because we live according to the artificial beauty patterns drawn us!

2 “ Our secret hunger for being loved is not beautiful. Our disuse and misuse of love is not beautiful. Our lack of loyalty and devotion is unloving our state of separation from the soul is ugly, based on psychological warts, inadequacies and childhood fancies.” ( Dr. Este’s )

When we read these words , desire to be loved is inevitable but misuse of it causes us to be departed from our soul, our inner peace. Because, the passion of being loved is like a hunger animal, and unless we love our wildself , we can’t be satisfied with the others’ loves. Dr. Este’s suggests the women to sign a peace with their wild woman archetype, and she resembles the woman to the wolf. Moreover, she stages on some similarities between two species.

“ Healthy Women and Wolves :
They are sensible and severe.
They have intence devotion and performer spirit.
They are good at adopting changing conditions and being loyal to their partners and babies.”

In other words, she draws an archetype who is related with her wild nature and based on emotions when making choices. Confident women manage to exist with their all good instincts. In fact, we can escape the fear imposed throughout history with our courage .I must admit that this self- awareness is really hard and needs to have warrior soul in modern life.

Do we really have to live the rules imposed to us?

Of course,we don’t!

Let’s make peace with our white hair, body forms and wrinkled faces! Also, according to Este’s , the woman’s smile makes her attractive and sexy. She doesn’t need any artificial beauty. Because, her real beauty comes from the power of her nature. She can survive alone , fearless and powerful with her wild soul like wolf. Maybe, the fear influenced inside of us as a result of borders drawn by environment. However, we are beautiful and precious because we are human , especially as a woman!

I leave you alone with lyrics of running with the wolves by Aurora .
Go row the boat to safer grounds
But don’t you know we’re stronger now
My heart still beats and my skin still feels
My lungs still breathe, my mind still fears..
I’m running with the wolves tonight!

As a last, we must regain our power which we have already had as soon as possible, and we should believe that we are strong as result of our nature!

© lhpinhan 2019


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