Do you love me ivy?

Is the path confusing ? Whatever..

We got used to it, maybe it is lovely saucy

You will say kill it, but it will not die!”

These great lyrics belongs to Turkish singers, composers Mabel Matiz & Sıla. It is ivy . I suggest you to watch this amazing song, even twice or three times. In each listening, you start to feel your soul.. It takes you away from this world, then you step in a peaceful and colorful atmosphere. It smells like Mesopotamia and Anatolia which are cradles of old civilizations. You put yourself into the lover’s shoes in video song.



Do you know the region in which the video song taken ? It is Döşemealtı, Antalya in Turkey. This district turns into a rug field in July ,and known as the northern star of Antalya. The rugs are laid for pastelization of colors on this region which has low humidity and high solar ratio. Firstly, hundreds of hand-woven or machine weaving rugs and carpets are washed in sterile pools, later they wait under sun from one to three months. Afterthat, they are exported to Iran, Afghanistan and Europe as well as Turkey .


Beyond all,these authentic rugs have own their languages in fact. Most of the patterns and colors carry some messages. They are great pieces of human throughout the history. For instance, meanings of some colors:

Blue – trust

Green – prosperity

Red- power

What about patterns? Of course, they’re also full of signs;

Eagle figure – power and force

Earing motif – the message of girls are at the marriage age to their parents 🙂

It’s really silent, soulful and respectful communication. Moreover, ram horns figure represents the woman and man .

It’s the most ancient and common figure . Unfortunately when we turn to today, meaning of objects is getting lost day by day. Whereas, the energy of colors and patterns can change our auras; rather, some recent scientific works agree on their affects to our souls.


To sum up, if I turn to head, the singer lies like a figure of rug in video song.

Maybe, when a lover falls in love , he goes on a journey.. A long journey.. Who knows where it starts and ends? The lover leaves himself/herself under the love sun, because the gleam of it is a unique cure . Catching love is the beginning of this journey, then a bitter parting follows the lovers. In one part of lyric, the lover separates out beloved;

“We’re torn up just like a paper

You have the lines, I’m all the white spaces”

The lover turns into a hand-woven rug which is waiting for being pastel and having a shiny surface under the sun.Furthermore, the love sun gives its colors and patterns to the lovers who are consent of everything coming from love! Shortly, the love makes our souls beautiful even if it ends with an separation.

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