Gazing at Stars

When I was a child, I used to lying down under stars at summer nights. I would try to catch muse of stars! The stars were my magic world. Whenever I gazed at them, thrilling, mostly weird stories used to rush to my brain. I wasn’t alone at those times. My sister was with me , because she was so eager to hear that she would take place next to me. I really liked to imagine and tell stories at summer nights under stars. Moreover, I wanted my sister to close her eyes ,and imagine the sceneries, characters while I was telling. Her curious eyes which was getting bigger during scary parts made me more ambitious to tell stories. After a while, we started to believe that heroes of my stories could be real and talk about them. It was our secret fun. Beyond all, the stars were indispensable for us, because we used to choose the brightest star and give a name to it. Then, we would draw invisible lines among the stars and combine them. These lines would turn into some images which were flowers, faces, animals, or objects. While gazing , when a star fell ,we used to shout :” Look! It slid! Somebody passed away..” We really didn’t know why we thought like that. We might have heard from rumours among adults. But we believed this and tried to find our stars which would slide if we died. Maybe, we mostly kept the biggest one because of this reason. However, I used to give the brightest and biggest one to my sister as an elder, but I was a child too. I chose the smaller one next to the biggest. We should have been together on the sky, because being a sister required this. After a short childish mourning , we used to talk about good things. I would tell story and wait for hero of my story to come into my dream!


Whenever I go to this childhood memory, I remember ‘ A Child’s Dream of A Star (by Charles Dickens) . This story is special for me , because it’s so feeling and touching to hearts. A brother and sister’s musing on life and death surrounds me. It is so charming and heart- warming that it takes me to the my childhood. Of course, the end of story is misery, and a brother’s grief is extremely sincere.

(illustrator Hammattt Billings)

Furthermore, their wandering around at nights by thinking about life, nature and death is incredibly sophisticated for kids. In the story, there is a shining star in the sky. It is larger and more beautiful. Whoever see it first cries out “I see the star!” Then, little sister drops weak and passes away. The brother’s grief and longing go on for days, and he never gives up looking at stars and waiting for going to sky to be with his sister ..


Besides this, the meaning of life is inevitable fact for we humans. Also, we can feel the essence of life in each age, and kids are luckier than us, because they never give up imaginating and feeling miracle. Finally, I wanna leave a few sentences from the story.

“.. and one night as he lay upon his bed, his children standing around, he cried, as he had cried so long ago.. ” I see the star! ” They whispered one to another ,” he is dying..” And he said , ” I am.. My age is falling from me like a garment, and I move towards the stars as a child .. And O, my Father, now I thank Thee that it has so often opened ,to receive those dear ones who await me!”

And the star was shining and it shines upon his grave..”

A Child’s Dream of A Star

by Charles Dickens

One day, a star might be shining upon our graves too.. Who knows?

©2018 lhpinhan

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