..Toward to my dark rooms..


This time..Keeping my breath..Today i am strong enough to do it!It isn’t hard as you think..Leave yourself into my deepsides..what happened?You look as if terrified!Relax,my fellow!It’ll be like sliding on the ice..Because,my inner world like icy roads,high mountains..I’ll see my dark faces with you..This is my hypocrisy which is being with others;only to spend time and not to be different from the others..They think that I’m a mad and have wise soul..It isn’t real! It is a big lie!

Now,let’s look at my innocent face under smooth skin which has rough valleys,crowded ways..It’s dangerous to drive on them and don’t stop;because we have long journey to my inner!I’m not kidding! Just kicking the reality to faces!

Whenever I try to be peaceful,an insect bites me and leaves its poison into my mind..It’s like a voice,weird voice whispering to me..

“Don’t be comfort!It’s a game that will end in a few seconds..Face to this reality and lost!How many times you saw the grief after getting your passions?And how many times you realized this blank whenever you hold the imagine wanted by you in your hands?”

Even if I hear this voice and the voice of meaningless captures my mind,I talk to myself

“I’m not hopeless..As long as i lose my passion to life,one thing is given to me as a gift..

Even if every happiness flies to blank,my spirit disasters create my unique belief!

The end..

From dear William Shakespeare

“So I return rebuk’d to my content,

And gain by ili thrice more than I have spent”

©2018 lhpinhan

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