Who is “She Wolf” ?

I got some words after listening to she wolf .

Of course ,the voice of Sia is quite fascinating.Besides of this, the lyrcs are so meaningful.

“You hunted me down

Like a wolf, a predator

I felt like deer in love lights!”

A broken heart,wounded woman’s screams and feelings..As she accepts her weak moments ,in the same time, she tells her broken side to the world! She feels as if she was trapped by a hunter,and when she says that “I thought I was part of you…”,she confesses her deception under the shadow of love lights! In repeats,a severe pain is seen clearly..”I’m falling to pieces!” is the bitter end!


On the other hand, this is song of revenge.I think, she intends to collect her pieces..So, recovering herself is only possiple to face with her unfortunate deception, and show the real face of her beloved.

While she was laying with wolves,she was alone,but strong and willed.Maybe,it was the first time for her ,and she was caught suddenly.She wasn’t ready,maybe she was unexperienced ,because she was used to be ‘alone wolf’..When she believed the love and became blind by effect of the magic love lights,she turned to a deer..She hid her teeth and claws,and unfortunately she was hurt at the her weakest moment!


Well..Where does the legend of She Wolf come from? Why is female likened to a wolf? I think,it reaches to Roman mythology. According to this myth,infant twins Romulus & Remus were abandoned on the side of Tibet River. A she- wolf saved and let them suckle. We can see the monuments as symbol in Capitoline Museum in Rome.

We can also read the evolution of the she- wolf as a symbol in western history and literature.Cristina Mazzoni analyzes this symbol in The Story of a Roman Icon. Of course, She Wolf by Hector H.Munro (Saki) is also great story.To sum up,She Wolf has a remarkable impression on literature from the past until now.


Maybe, she-wolf represents the power of female.Especially it’s the symbol of hidden force and humble heart!Whenever she faces to enemy,she remembers her wild side.On the other hand, she has a huge heart to hug helpless in need.The most important thing is that she never forgives the one who exploits her feelings!

To me,each woman has soul of a wolf 🙂

What do you think?

©2018 lhpinhan

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