Nowadays,we mostly use word of ‘self’ ,and ‘selfie’ is getting more popular day by day..The people are captive in small screens .They are pretending as if they were happy with their pocket toys! Huge smiles on faces in crowded buddy groups.Of course,sharing selfies on media is like a duty of this happy community!

In fact,’self ‘ has two faces as the coin has two sides.When,you concentrate on yourself,you can analyze your world surrounded with your passions and weaknesses.On the other hand,being busy with ‘self’ might make you a little ‘ selfish’ and ‘egoistic’..I believe that there is a very thin line between ‘self-esteem’ and ‘selfishness’.It is possible to miss thread,so balance is so important.Beyond all ‘selfs’, self-sacrifice comes first for human and life.Devotion without any expectation is not easy in these days.Because, some bad intented people may use your good side.Despite everything,I believe the existence of good people with their giant hearts.If you remember the story of ‘the last leaf’, you can know what real self sacrifice means..In this story,Mr Behrman finally painted his masterpiece which saved Johnsy’s life.Because she waited for falling of the last leaf.She had believed that when the last leaf falls from the ivy appearing through the window near her sickbed, she must go too,She was ready for her mysterious journey.

“The lonemost thing in all the world is a soul when it is making ready to go on its mysterious,for journey.”

The Last Leaf/ O.HENRY


Mr Behrman died of pneumonia and he was found next to a leaf image.His body was wet after a cold,rainy and stormy night.There was also a ladder, a lamp and palette containing colours similar that leaf image.When Johnsy waked up after the stormy night,she saw the remaining leaf on ivy.Then,she decided to believe there must be a purpose to live as the last leaf had refused to die .

In this story,Mr.Behrman’s self sacrifice may be a little exaggerated,but it has a message for us.Sometimes,a little goodness might cause to a big favour..

© 2018 lhpinhan


7 thoughts on “Self Sacrifice

  1. Reading your words conjured these thoughts: don’t we need to be selfish first so we have something to give to others? For example, to share love, one must love oneself first and then extend oneself for the growth of others.
    I do agree with you when it comes to foster self-esteem and then sacrifice the self to give to others.
    Phenomenal blog you have here, continue sharing.

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    1. Only narcissists love themselves first and foremost then selectively love others as it suits them.

      For true love is: Doing unto others as we would want others to do unto us.

      Whether they chose to love us back or not.

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