The Small Things

Try to look at the ground face sometimes..

I know ..If you are like me and adore to sky,it’s a bit hard.I can understand you how you lose yourself while feeling the wind,watching the sky and getting envy of birds. Because, I am like you,too. Blue is not only a colour but also freedom . It means to breath for me! Anyway, we sould try to see the tiny hidden things living on the ground.


Whenever I see an ant passing by me, I sense of its rush and fear. Then,I catch another world beyond me. The world is that we pass by unconsciously during the day. While waiting for a bus or sitting on edge of a sidewalk ,we can notice miracle ,tiny and silent creatures. Maybe, I like the small yellow flowers blooming next to the pavements because of this reason. They salute the spring cheerfully but in a silent way. They don’t rush for anything ,because they are extremely sure about sun and its loyal rays. The rays are always generous for the things waiting patiently ..


Don’t forget!You don’t need to have a huge body and power to get some light. If you succeed in keeping your hope and belief inside of you, wispy gleam can reach you! As long as you see and realize what you have today ,it means that you are ready for unexpected beauties!

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