The half-story

She was faded and trouble in breathing easy..She was dragging her soul like fetters chained to her ankles..She couldn’t feel heaviness of her suitcase even.Because her soul so cold like huge rocks! She felt anxiety about new city and people on there.In fact, there wasn’t any power inside of her. She wasn’t ready. Nobody knew..She was coming after a long mourning!


She remembered the last two years and watched all memories like a fastened movie teaser.Lightnings were flashing to her eyes..She asked to herself:

– What happened to me? I hadn’t dreamt like that!

The questions chased for each other..She thought that her last killing grief was death of her father.This time,it was weird,different and deep! Because the purpose of her life was taken away..She had promised to herself years ago. She would be warrior for orphans in war countries.

She had wished to live up to end of her life on there and to be teacher ,not only a teacher but also a warrior with her guns; paper,pencil,human love,tolerance and peace! She had worked hard and lived peaceful ,lovely, unforgettable moments with her pupils.. That country was her home anymore ..She had set out for global peace and educate the innocent war childreen two years ago.She had believed that the real peace would come by only ultimate education and freedom ! Because real glories would be won by illuminated nations ..Understanding would be instead of hatred!


However,coming back to her hometown was a big frustration for her. She lost the aim of her life,and stayed out of breath! She had a summer like a lament and she was about to start a new journey far away from her dreams,but she felt that she would complete this half-story one day in future!

©2018 lhpinhan

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