It was an ordinary day and she was rushing to catch the moments as usual..Whenever she was in trouble about breathing,she used to run away routines of life.Unbearable morning works of home;having breakfast,tidying up and waiting for evening without any fresh air!


So,she was keeping weather mood to see the sun.The shining of the sun used to mean calling her to see a bright movie.The movie was short,but an attractive fragment with greenish sea and blue humid sky..Then,she used to keep walking on the seaside to see that film.Each of her steps used to work like a cinematograph and a projector flashing toward to her eyes.After that,a large white curtain would open under her feet.As long as she was getting fast ,the images would be clear..She would start to write the words of her brain in each step!


She would believe that her feet were parts of her brain and movements of her ideas..

Moreover,sidewalks would be papers,reaching up to the endless from the beginning.Also,her little feet used to act a pen dancing on that paper,and she was writing stunning sentences freely!

Writing with feet was like a silent movie,and each step was like a letter written on sidewalks.Maybe ,she was Charlie Chaplin herself in this film..

Fast movements of feet would draw the images and write few effective statements on the black and white stones of brain.Anymore,walking was pushing her to think deeply.As she was walking,she would start to release her poison.By the way,she was breathing easy.She had to think ,so at first had to walk to open her dark and smokey lungs!She wasn’t alone.Her quiet shadows would follow her and underline these words..

To sum up,she was peaceful and happy on those moments.Because,nothing could provide her to breath for a while and find her ideas to bring them to the light!

© 2018  lhpinhan


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