How do you manage catching me at the moment of hopeless?

How do you dare to ask unexpected questions to me?

However,I try to run away from words of my brain..I push myself to the reading.Whenever I start to hear these voices coming from my inside,I fear and prefer to forget..Maybe,the reason of this fear is feeling strange,weird and incapable to do anything toward to the unknowns!


What an endless mourning

That is living in me!

Between happiness and grief .

One side of me is always spring

The other side of is behind clouds.

What a nameless mourning

Stranger to me!

Sometimes,suitable to describe

Mostly, it leaves me alone in almost middle of a severe war!

The one thing that I know ,this war is calling me to find real me,and to start everything from the beginning..

Maybe, like a child, I should learn to talk with my inside ,and listen to my heart…


As if living behind bars

With my stubborn hope plants;

Growing inside of me

Surrounding the irons to cover with green

Opening their leaves to the sun!

© 2017 lhpinhan


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