Prime..What an initial time!

It’s the starter of life,passing fast..

Like our youth time.
It’s the prime of music,

Like ‘do note’ leading the rhytm..

Prime..What a moving time!
It’s the getting to the world with birth,

Like a new born baby, screaming out..

Prime..What a fresh of time!
It’s the defence of troops,

Like a brave soldier,standing for guard..

Prime..What a challenging time!
It’s the indicator of real,

Like a teacher,dictating the words “to be told”

Prime..What a realistic time!

     **Live with the feet of time,like dancing with harmonical steps.


3 thoughts on “Primes of time

  1. Motivating and reminds me something beyond material world and lines in this poem manifest the perception of eternal world (if, it exists). Elegantly written. Great. Never give up. All the best.

    Liked by 1 person

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