Recently,some expressions are so popular..

📣Struggle for whatever you want..

📣Don’t give up dreaming..

📣Be happy everytime!

🙄I support the first and second..But being happy everytime isn’t so rational.Of course happiness is necesseary for our life

Sometimes,happiness is the result of our achievements..Sometimes,feeling pleasant is the leading motivator to live and survive..But,waiting for goodness after our each works,may not be possible..Success and failure are parts of each other..We must be ready to both of them..Mostly,when we are conditioned to happiness during our life,we face to be disappointed..If we accept the our bad moods,and we leave ourselves relaxed,we can heal easily..

Our moods are like weather,sometimes rainy,stormy,windy..and sunny days follow after cloudy sky..Differences are the reason of seasons!

Winters of our souls are cold and freezy,and living winter insides of us makes us unhappy in most of time..But it shows the value of summer and sunny days..By the help of hard days,we learn the real happiness..Every obstacles are instructives which provide power of survive in life! Because,we become stronger after each diffuculty.Maybe,we don’t become happy during hard times..but we feel unique peace..Because we realize our power!We can born of our ashes!

Dear fellow!Don’t force yourself to be happy ..

Leave your feelings free!


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