Why do people adore ‘perfection’ ?

How do they behave as if they must be perfect?

Whereas,we are humans with our bad and good sides.Both sides are helpers to each other to show their faces.They are like night and day.Whenever one of them disappears,the other appears..If the darkness weren’t,the light wouldn’t be seen.Both of them aren’t indispensable,and they need each other..

The people dedicated to ‘perfection’ are in trouble in most of time..Sometimes,they lose the goodness while they are struggling for ‘being perfect’.They frequently find themselves in ‘anger,ambition’..

We have all kinds of personalities with ‘good’ and ‘bad’ deeds..

We are ‘angels’ and ‘devils’

Living on the earth with our reals..

We are ‘weak’ and ‘strong’

Fighting on the rings with our fists…

If we get on well with our characters,we manage to be ‘ourself’.Being real means living on the real world with our real faces..

*Nietzsche says..”HumanAllTooHuman”


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