You..You saw my tears..You were the first rose given to me..You were as if you had been away from me..Your face was like pale leaf..I wasn’t enough for you..There was something between us..Nothing came to surface even if we tried to find the reason of being seperated..

You said that you had lost your exciting to life and put onething between us..Now,we are on the acrosses of the roads..Even we don’t have encourage to look at each other..At last,I realized that you had already gone from me..

I know..I get it now..I open my eyes to new world surrounded by darkness of your unexistince.

Ok dear!Don’t be disturbed..Leave it as it is on that condition..Maybe,the best way is like that.Smiling faces with crying hearts.We should know that fate of heart is separation..Sometimes,being away is bringing hearts to each other..And,the words stays meanless..Explanations are useless..

Timeless dear. Noplace for us..If we have precious belief which connects us to each other, time and place aren’t needed..


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