Sky is weeping with bitter smiling..Each rain drop is falling down with an angel..Angels are struggling not to crush each other..When they come together on the ground,they move to dry corners with peaceful dance..This dance is so silent and rytmic..Some drops are waiting for sun to raise to sky..Maybe they miss to be with clouds even if they know that they’ll rain again and fall down from clouds..Some of them are happy for being on earth and ready to steam on the ground..They are glad to see feet of humans. Maybe,the power of turning to flood makes them strong..Few of them are hanging on windows of houses..They are dripping down and come together on glasses to draw the picture of rain..They are good at arting on windows like a vivid canvases..And time to raise for sun..Each drop is ready to fly as a steam drop and they are eager to reach to sky..

Sky is high,but not as much as my little dream ..Because i can fly in even tiny rain drops with my imagines..Even if it doesn’t rain,my eyes are  ready to rain under my eyebrows like black clouds..


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