Who am i ?

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I am a free dreamer,walker and thinker..

Dancing with words,imagining a soulful and peaceful life..Being alone makes you feel independent!
Esra Şeker/ Teacher of English

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Is a simple life possible?

Today, we mostly hear *minimalism and simplicity. Maybe, people of modern world miss old days which had simple but peaceful moments..

Well, what is minimalism?

In fact, it was a trend in sculpture and painting that arose in the 1950s, and used simple typically massive, forms.. In other saying, it is a current issuing simplicity and objectivity in modern art and music.

However, we see its effects in our daily lives. Especially, decorators and interior architects are extremely interested in simplicity. They think that simple decoration has a classy and neat atmosphere. This life style has gotten attention of modern world which is suffering from hustle and bustle .. Today’s people prefer resting in simple and peaceful places decorated less furniture anymore. Some of us are getting to keep *the less but functional objects. Simple and handy ones.. Because, we reasonably need to use our time in a fast and easy way. Beyond these reasons, we primarily desire to have less things to survive and live. For instance , we tend to eat twice a day nowadays, and we are bored of unneeded clothes in wardrobes.. Moreover, we are so lonely that we play hide and seek with ourselves among rooms. We are as if we were swallowed by all unneeded goods! Whether we make enough money or not, we wanna wear different dresses for each day. Before hiring a house , we firstly look at if it has extra large cupboards, because our shoes are sitting on head corners! Also, each family members are running to get a car , and pavements are occupied day by day. The furnitures are real residents of our houses. While we are working for making much money to buy more and more, they are living instead of us! After a tiring day, we desire only a relaxing sofa and a cup of tea.

On the other hand ,our walls and every inches of our rooms are so crowded that we are prisoners of our wealthy and showy lives! Furthermore, we need extra time to clean and dust them. If we haven’t any time, we urgently need helpers for all errands. So, we desire to have much money to live a luxury life .

Well, does a luxury life have to be crowded like this much?

Do we really need all of them?

Can we pass our days with a few but neat clothes?

Do we have a chance to cycle to our works?

Is a simple life possible?

I think, it is.. A minimal life is possible,but most of us need to agree with this idea. Because, we all feel confident in our communities. So , as a society, we should change ourselves together ..Of course, everybody don’t have to agree on it. Life style is a preference.

To sum up, as long as we give up getting unnecessary things, we start to realize more and free time. Instead of killing our time with shopping , designing, eating, clothing, cleaning and in traffic, we save our free time to take a fresh air and see the nature. Sometimes, I feel hopeless because of technological innovations . The futurist brains may activate air transportation, if it is so, these days our last days to see our free and blue sky as unique peace !

While there is still time, look at the sky, feel your freedom and catch the time! Believe me my fellow! We need less thing but more freedom !

©2018 lhpinhan

..Toward to my dark rooms..


This time..Keeping my breath..Today i am strong enough to do it!It isn’t hard as you think..Leave yourself into my deepsides..what happened?You look as if terrified!Relax,my fellow!It’ll be like sliding on the ice..Because,my inner world like icy roads,high mountains..I’ll see my dark faces with you..This is my hypocrisy which is being with others;only to spend time and not to be different from the others..They think that I’m a mad and have wise soul..It isn’t real! It is a big lie!

Now,let’s look at my innocent face under smooth skin which has rough valleys,crowded ways..It’s dangerous to drive on them and don’t stop;because we have long journey to my inner!I’m not kidding! Just kicking the reality to faces!

Whenever I try to be peaceful,an insect bites me and leaves its poison into my mind..It’s like a voice,weird voice whispering to me..

“Don’t be comfort!It’s a game that will end in a few seconds..Face to this reality and lost!How many times you saw the grief after getting your passions?And how many times you realized this blank whenever you hold the imagine wanted by you in your hands?”

Even if I hear this voice and the voice of meaningless captures my mind,I talk to myself

“I’m not hopeless..As long as i lose my passion to life,one thing is given to me as a gift..

Even if every happiness flies to blank,my spirit disasters create my unique belief!

The end..

From dear William Shakespeare

“So I return rebuk’d to my content,

And gain by ili thrice more than I have spent”

©2018 lhpinhan

“Once upon a time”

/ inspired by *once upon a time / Evgeny Grinko /

Once upon a time..

We were childreen dancing on dry leaves,

We’d already heard sound of nature.

The silent wind whispered * valse

The clouds were our sights.

Sometimes,we were serious ones;

The fearless childreen sleeping under thunders.

‘Cos,we ‘d never felt scare

But,the adults told us horror tales!

We were childreen keeping hope insides

So,we’d never closed our eyes to the stars!

The caring night hid us

The moon sent us to the stars..


Once upon a time..

We were kids singing songs loudly,

We’d already learnt to play freely.

The humble streets listened to us

The pavements were stages for us!

Sometimes,we were funny ones,

Laughing sincerely was our style.

‘Cos,we’d never done fake

And,we were all of real smiles!

We were kids..

And we are still kids who resist to grow up!

`To the nogrowers

©2018 lhpinhan



   We live the time in endless tunnel..Time is shown by tick-tocks..We are captive in a huge clock in which every second turns into minutes..The minutes are running to an hour.The hours are so proud of being a day.This is like a machine which works like gears of a wheel.

Maybe,we are out of time in real and we are explorers of imaginary time.Because,when we get out of the world to the space,the time flies to eternity in space blank.In fact,we are walking in a line which starts from the past upto future.Our past and moments are drawing the next.We are in a relative way.As long as we walk in the way,the stones of the chosen road come under our feet.The relative line becomes visible.Each step is a new start and direction.

How can we decide to choose right direction in this relative and imaginary world and time?

Sometimes,we feel the choise by the help of our past and memories.Most of time,inspires show the way.

However,we are in purgatory of past and future.Maybe,the world of moments are the real world!


©2018 lhpinhan

We used to…

Those were the days which we used to write just a few words to each other,

Because,we’d really known our hearts..

Most of time,we didn’t use to ask why?

We used to think that each word is waste of time!

So,we talked to each other with our eyes.


Those were the days which we used to cry silently not to show our tears!

Therefore,we hid them with bitter smiles..

We used to keep our secrets like treasure,

Because,we were rich of our loyalty.


Those were the days which we used to walk side by side!

So,we hesitated not to step on our shadows..

We used to believe closeness of distance,

And we lived together heart to heart!

Even if we were far away from each other..


Today,we are in vain frames on which we deplete our humble souls day by day,and we lose our tolerance to the others.Because we are busy with puffing our ego,and we insist on closing our eyes & ears!

©2018 lhpinhan

Who is “She Wolf” ?

I got some words after listening to she wolf .

Of course ,the voice of Sia is quite fascinating.Besides of this, the lyrcs are so meaningful.

“You hunted me down

Like a wolf, a predator

I felt like deer in love lights!”

A broken heart,wounded woman’s screams and feelings..As she accepts her weak moments ,in the same time, she tells her broken side to the world! She feels as if she was trapped by a hunter,and when she says that “I thought I was part of you…”,she confesses her deception under the shadow of love lights! In repeats,a severe pain is seen clearly..”I’m falling to pieces!” is the bitter end!


On the other hand, this is song of revenge.I think, she intends to collect her pieces..So, recovering herself is only possiple to face with her unfortunate deception, and show the real face of her beloved.

While she was laying with wolves,she was alone,but strong and willed.Maybe,it was the first time for her ,and she was caught suddenly.She wasn’t ready,maybe she was unexperienced ,because she was used to be ‘alone wolf’..When she believed the love and became blind by effect of the magic love lights,she turned to a deer..She hid her teeth and claws,and unfortunately she was hurt at the her weakest moment!


Well..Where does the legend of She Wolf come from? Why is female likened to a wolf? I think,it reaches to Roman mythology. According to this myth,infant twins Romulus & Remus were abandoned on the side of Tibet River. A she- wolf saved and let them suckle. We can see the monuments as symbol in Capitoline Museum in Rome.

We can also read the evolution of the she- wolf as a symbol in western history and literature.Cristina Mazzoni analyzes this symbol in The Story of a Roman Icon. Of course, She Wolf by Hector H.Munro (Saki) is also great story.To sum up,She Wolf has a remarkable impression on literature from the past until now.


Maybe, she-wolf represents the power of female.Especially it’s the symbol of hidden force and humble heart!Whenever she faces to enemy,she remembers her wild side.On the other hand, she has a huge heart to hug helpless in need.The most important thing is that she never forgives the one who exploits her feelings!

To me,each woman has soul of a wolf 🙂

What do you think?

©2018 lhpinhan


“Be Thou my Wisdom,and Thou my true Word,

I ever with Thee and Thou with me,Lord..”

*attr.to Dallan Forgail

an Irish poem


Wisdom is our souls’ hymn,

Coming from infinite light..

Wisdom is our steps’ leader,

Walking up to endless delight.

Wisdom is hand of our *Lord,

Making us to see the right!


Eternal glory is living in our inside

If we discover this hidden treasure,

It becomes our sight!

*Thanks a lot dear Camille Nelson & Alex Sharpe ! This inspiring video Be Thou my vision is so healing for our tired souls..

©2018 lhpinhan