Who am i ?

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   We live the time in endless tunnel..Time is shown by tick-tocks..We are captive in a huge clock in which every second turns into minutes..The minutes are running to an hour.The hours are so proud of being a day.This is like a machine which works like gears of a wheel. Maybe,we are out of time […]

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We used to…

Those were the days which we used to write just a few words to each other, Because,we’d really known our hearts.. Most of time,we didn’t use to ask why? We used to think that each word is waste of time! So,we talked to each other with our eyes. ** Those were the days which we […]

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Who is “She Wolf” ?

I got some words after listening to she wolf . Of course ,the voice of Sia is quite fascinating.Besides of this, the lyrcs are so meaningful. “You hunted me down Like a wolf, a predator I felt like deer in love lights!” A broken heart,wounded woman’s screams and feelings..As she accepts her weak moments ,in […]

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“Be Thou my Wisdom,and Thou my true Word, I ever with Thee and Thou with me,Lord..” *attr.to Dallan Forgail an Irish poem ** Wisdom is our souls’ hymn, Coming from infinite light.. Wisdom is our steps’ leader, Walking up to endless delight. Wisdom is hand of our *Lord, Making us to see the right! ** […]

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No Matter

Here is the world! It’s a sharp knife cutting our all cords.. When we are born,our navel cords are cut, We open our eyes to the life with cries! ** Here is the world! It’s a long journey holding us on the roads.. When we set off after birth, It gives some supplies to the […]

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Self Sacrifice

Nowadays,we mostly use word of ‘self’ ,and ‘selfie’ is getting more popular day by day..The people are captive in small screens .They are pretending as if they were happy with their pocket toys! Huge smiles on faces in crowded buddy groups.Of course,sharing selfies on media is like a duty of this happy community! In fact,’self […]

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The sky is inside of me My body is my earth, My eyes open to my world.. My ears hear my chilly winds! The heaven is hidden in me My heart is my hope.. My belief opens the gates My soul listens to endless! The hell is my mouth My toungue is my killer My […]

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