First blog post

I am a free dreamer,walker and thinker..

Dancing with words,imagining a soulful and peaceful life..Being alone makes you feel independent!




“Through me”

This sound takes me away..


Your winters are longing for springs..

The words hearted by you,will make you fake!



Your lies are whispering your fears..

The sentences written by you,will show the real!



The memories are hugging your dreams..

The past carried by you,will draw the ways!

You know..These broken voices struggle for being visible ..Have a chance to write your hidden sides ..This scream is about your inner words!However,your thoughts are so real that the others can catch;on the other hand,they are secrets to be held only by you!

√Monologue is language of Loneliness

By lhpinhan ©

Fast and quiet 

It was an ordinary day and she was rushing to catch the moments as usual..Whenever she was in trouble about breathing,she used to run away routines of life.Unbearable morning works of home;having breakfast,tidying up and waiting for evening without any fresh air!


So,she was keeping weather mood to see the sun.The shining of the sun used to mean calling her to see a bright movie.The movie was short,but an attractive fragment with greenish sea and blue humid sky..Then,she used to keep walking on the seaside to see that film.Each of her steps used to work like a cinematograph and a projector flashing toward to her eyes.After that,a large white curtain would open under her feet.As long as she was getting fast ,the images would be clear..She would start to write the words of her brain in each step!


    She would believe that her feet were parts          of  her brain and movements of her ideas..

Moreover,sidewalks would be papers,reaching up to the endless from the beginning.Also,her little feet used to act a pen dancing on that paper,and she was writing stunning sentences freely!

 Writing with feet was like a silent     movie,and  each step was like a letter written   on sidewalks.Maybe ,she was Charlie Chaplin   herself in this film..

Fast movements of feet would draw the images and write few effective statements on the black and white stones of brain.Anymore,walking was pushing her to think deeply.As she was walking,she would start to release her poison.By the way,she was breathing easy.She had to think ,so at first had to walk to open her dark and smokey lungs!She wasn’t alone.Her quiet shadows would follow her and underline these words..

To sum up,she was peaceful and happy on those moments.Because,nothing could provide her to breath for a while  and find her ideas to bring them to the light!


My dear inner mourning!

How do you manage catching me at the moment of hopeless?

How do you dare to ask unexpected questions to me?

  However,I try to run away from words of my brain..I push myself to the reading.Whenever I start to hear these voices coming from my inside,I fear and prefer to forget..Maybe,the reason of this fear is feeling strange,weird and incapable to do anything toward to the unknowns!


     What an endless mourning

     That is living in me!

     Between happiness and grief .

     One side of me is always spring 

     The other side of is behind clouds.

     What a nameless mourning

     Stranger to me!

     Sometimes,suitable to describe

     Mostly, it leaves me alone in almost middle of         a  severe war!

The one thing that I know ,this war is calling me to find real me,and to start everything from the beginning..

Maybe, like a child, I should learn to talk with my inside ,and listen to my heart…


     As if living behind bars

     With my stubborn hope plants;

     Growing inside of me

    Surrounding the irons to cover with  green

    Opening their leaves to the sun!


Sometimes, you need to blow out
After huge waves of life !
Sometimes,. you need to look through windows
Unconsciously..Without any word!
Wordless, but peaceful.. 
Sometimes,you need to take a deep breath
After a long diving into the life!
Sometimes,you need to walk on the seaside
Silently.. Without any voice!
Voiceless,but hopeful…
Sometimes,you need to have loyal one
After boring and tiring monologues!
Sometimes,you expect to be listened
Beyond all questions!
Maybe,not seaside.                                          But next to warm teaside!



Hope is like a rowboad hit the shore,

The shore is ruined and abonded…


Sky is full of clouds embowering the sea,

The sea is wavy and exuberant…


The weather is wet moistening the face,

The face is pale and tired…


We are thirsty for fresh air feeding our lungs,

Our lungs are foggy and breathless…


Life is full of dilemmas leaving us to unknowns,

The unknowns are between hope and dismay..

   Anyway, I am not hopeless..Hope is like a permament waiting ..

      “We found love in a hopeless place”🎵

Why?Cos,the sky is high!😊

When I was a new-graduated teacher,I used to repeat this sentence in my lessons many times..

Whenever a student asked to me;

-Miss,……! Why?

I used to reply with a huge smile on my face 😊

-Cos,the sky is high!

Then,the pupils used to laugh for a while..I used to play with words during my lessons and having some fun.Because,I have believed lively and spontaneous teaching so far.Maybe,we should wait for learners’ mood.Because,ıf they aren’t ready to listen to you,they’ll just pretend as if listening and they’ll give their eyes to you,but never their ears and brains!Remember,you can teach the topic in fiftheen minutes when you catch the right time ..


For clever student who have sense of humour🎈


      The sky is high!


      The sky is glow!


      The sky is blue!

      My blue is a clear sky

      With a shiny flight!

The Power of Love

            “She had a habit for saying little silent prayer about the simplest every  thing, and now  she   whispered: 

          -Please God! Make him think, I’m still pretty.”

                                         the gift of Magi, by O.Henry

 How can two people dedicate to each other?

 Can we believe the power of love?


Of course, I won’t talk about an imaginary situation. Only I tend to criticize the reality and dream.As you know, in story of *the gift of the Magi ,one couple is determined to give up their valuable possessions for Christmas gift.Moreover,two lovers have big belief and love to overcome the poverty, but they can not afford to buy the gifts dreamed by them. The dedicated and wise wife,Della sells her beautiful long hair to buy a chain for the watch which is handed down to her husband,Jim by his grandfather. On the otherhand, Jim buys a set of combs for his lovely wife Della, and he sells his valuable watch to buy the gift desired by Della for a long time .However, two lovers don’t hesitate to give up their possessions for each other.


Today, we may not see a love like that mentioned in this story, also we can chat on the right and wrong sides of this kind of love.As you know, the new world is so far from *unconditionally love. In spite of everything,sacrification and dedication in a love are so powerful feelings and special . Today,in material world, we consume love and love statements so fast. Also,love goes down easily because of preferences of humans. What are these priorities? They are money ,luxury life and selfishness. Anymore, we give up precious feelings, and we desire to have all things of world. We are in a race which is fed by dream of being rich. Furthermore, most of us are in a rush in daily life, some of us are blind to the other well-being of humanity. We forget to listen our hearts,souls during life rush. Even, our families stay behind us. Sometimes, we need to see the world by a mom-heart and a wise-dad. Remembering the childhood may heal our severe and cruel spirits, also reminds us our good deeds and wills. 
Giving love and doing a help without any expectation may be an effective medicine for our wounded souls. Unfortunately,dedication is called as being a fool. Nowadays, love is worthless by the reality of world.Anyway we need to feed our souls and be useful for humanity.

     Full pockets are driving the brains

     Souls are in helpless pains..

     Oh humans! Don’t close your ears

     To the screams of spirits…


“You can’t have a physical transformation until you have a spiritual transformation.”

                      Cory Booker


Primes of time

Prime..What an initial time!

It’s the starter of life,passing fast..

Like our youth time.
It’s the prime of music,

Like ‘do note’ leading the rhytm..

Prime..What a moving time!
It’s the getting to the world with birth,

Like a new born baby, screaming out..

Prime..What a fresh of time!
It’s the defence of troops,

Like a brave soldier,standing for guard..

Prime..What a challenging time!
It’s the indicator of real,

Like a teacher,dictating the words “to be told”

Prime..What a realistic time!

     **Live with the feet of time,like dancing with harmonical steps.

Be yourself!

                 *By OSCAR WILDE

I don’t expect from anyone or anything

I keep all things inside of me..

I don’t wait for someone or something

I stand by myself alone..

I don’t care about the others’ minds or decisions

I keep promise given to me..

📌I won’t be someone desired by the others

📌I try to be myself!

📌I will find my soul hidden in my heart!

Perfect Loneliness

Being alone isn’t hard infact..

When you learn being happy with yourself,

Loneliness is really great…

Feeling alone never lasts forever..

When you get being mate with your soul,

Loneliness is really perfect dreamer..

Living alone doesn’t hurt everytime..

When you become a traveller,

Living on the roads is great life!